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We provide world-class education, community, and services for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to play bigger.
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$2M+ Revenue Generated
$750k Non-Dilutive Funding Raised
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What's Included in Your Membership


Member-Only Slack Community

Join the internet’s largest community designed to help startup founders and investors while democratizing the path to starting, growing, and exiting a business.


Free Co-working Space

Free monthly co-working space at Bamboo (Ann Arbor, Detroit, Royal Oak). Network and surround yourself with like-minded driven individuals.


Monthly Keynotes & Workshops

Gain exclusive access to monthly keynotes and workshops led by industry leaders and innovators.


Quarterly Peer Roundtables

Quarterly peer roundtables designed to help you plan your entrepreneur operating system, set rocks, and demolish roadblocks together.


1:1 Coaching

Co-Founders Ryan and Dylan have coached 39 startups in the past 4 years. Whether your company is in the idea stage or generating millions, we will help you overcome roadblocks and catapult to the next level of growth.


What is the "Maximize Membership"?

There are TONS of challenges that will come on your journey to success as a founder... and an investor.

Our membership program is designed to illuminate your path and give you tailored resources to help:

  • Start Your Business
  • Grow
  • Exit and Invest

So how do we plan on doing this?

Honestly, all you need to do is:


Maximize Your Network

You can only meet so many people in a day. And the chances that those people can actually help you is slim to none.

Here you can connect with an army of people who are experts in their fields, and whose main goal is to help you win.


  • Get personalized introductions to Angels and VCs looking for deals like yours.


  • Discover off-market startup deals before they go public

Maximize Your Tool Belt

The modern world if full over programs that can make your life much easier.

Finding the right tools for  the job... is a  different story.

We stay up to date on all the latest software and give you proven strategies and tools that work.

Because you don't want to hammer a nail with a shovel.


  • Access downloadable templates for pitch decks
  • Operating Agreements
  • Financial Projections
  • Investor outreach strategies/templates


  • Tools to manage your dealflow

Maximize your Knowledge

The normal cycle: try something yourself, fail, figure it out piece-by-piece, and after pulling all your hair out, stumble through.

You get it eventually, but it takes forever.

Instead, learn from someone with true expertise who has been where you are, and can help you get it right the first time, in half the time.


  • Get access to course materials to previous programs
  • Get invited to private workshops and investor events


  • Learn about the latest tech coming online
  • Share knowledge with other investors

Meet Some of Our Members

Michael Meadows

Co-Founder of Protein Pints

Founder of Cole Thomas Media

Cole Bennett

Founder of RIZZARR

Ashley Williams

Greta Davis

Co-Founder of Revolin Sports

Founder of LeaseMagnets

Amulya Parnar

Jackson Keefe

Founder of "STEALTH MODE"

Eligibility For Founders:

  • Must apply in the fall or spring acceptance periods
  • Student applicants must go through our accelerator program.
  • Non-student applicants must be a client of our growth agency, or receive a personal invitation.

Eligibility For Funders:

  • Must be an Accredited investor
  • Must be serious about Investing into Michigan
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About Maximize

Maximize, founded in 2021 by Dylan Back and Ryan Morrison, helps founders make their first money and funders decide where to invest.

In a world full of "big ideas" and "lonely" founders and investors, they created a community where people turn ideas into impact.

After helping hundreds, the feedback is clear:

"You guys always make me feel supported and inspire me to do more."

Ryan and Dylan built a community to inspire people to Maximize the good they do, together.

It's true:
Your network is your net worth.

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