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We've helped companies of all different industries and sizes, including:

  • YCombinator startups like LeaseMagnets.
  • Catalyst Accelerator based startups like Protein Pints, winning over 250k in non-dilutive funding.
  • Local businesses like CoachMeFit, that just need a push in the right direction to explode in growth.

The Maximize Difference

MVP Jumpstart

Specializing in building tech products, we help you build a technical MVP that enables you to get paid customers.

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Rev Program

Using tailored marketing and sales strategies, we build systems and operating procedures to rev your revenue.

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Fund Max

We will become marketers for your startup - using our resources to not only raise capital, but find the right investors for you.

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Case Studies

A few highlights from our favorite successes...

Ryan with LeaseMagnets founder Amulya

Increased Revenue by 50% in 6 Months

     LeaseMagnets, founded by Amulya Parmar, offers an AI-driven sales concierge for property management websites, enabling 24/7 virtual tours, inquiries, and lease signings without human intervention. In six months, Maximize helped scale LeaseMagnets by developing systems, operations, and procedures.

     We conducted a needs assessment, evaluated technology and financials, and analyzed the competition. We raised $50,000 through the Fund Max program to hire a VP of Sales and a VP of Marketing. After interviewing over 140 customers, we improved tour production quality and transitioned from month-to-month to year-long contracts, doubling product pricing and adding $100,000 in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

     These efforts improved product quality, customer satisfaction, and revenue, positioning LeaseMagnets for continued growth and innovation in the property management industry.

Dylan with CoachMeFit founder

$100k ARR Left on the Table...

     CoachMeFit, a 1:1 personal training gym in Ann Arbor, was acquired by it's owner as a passive income opportunity but was only breaking even due to inconsistent revenues and unclear target audience. We enrolled CoachMeFit in the Gym Rev program, interviewed 20 top customers, and used AI to identify that the ideal customer was aged 40+, not 20+.    

     We then developed an online marketing strategy targeting women aged 40+ in Ann Arbor, featuring client testimonials and static ads. We offered a free consultation, 50% off the first discovery session, and 10% off the first package. Additionally, we introduced a family package plan with month-to-month services, offering two personal training sessions a month that rolled over if unused but expired at year's end.     

     These efforts clarified the target audience, improved customer engagement, and provided a repeatable revenue model, positioning CoachMeFit for consistent growth and profitability.

Ryan with Protein Pints founder Michael

"Our funding round is oversubscribed..."

     Protein Pints, founded by Michael Meadows and Paul Reese, is a healthy protein ice cream company. The founders, students from the University of Michigan and Aquinas College, applied to the Catalyst Accelerator program with their high-protein, low-sugar ice cream idea. They quit their jobs as painters and fully committed to the program.    

     During the accelerator, they completed a 14-day cash flow challenge, earning $555 without breaking the rules - asking their parents for money or doing anything illegal. Using a power washer they found in their parents' garage, they sold $50,000 worth of deck cleaning services in four weeks.

     Protein Pints is now bootstrapped, using their earnings and $390,000 from pitch competitions to launch in 10 Meijer Super Centers. They won a $250,000 prize at the Rice Business Plan Competition but turned it down to reward their investors and mentors. Protein Pints thrives on the founders' resourcefulness and determination.

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Which Industries does Maximize target?

We are industry agnostic, and have experts in a range of industries including Ai, SAAS, Consumer Packaged Goods, Health Tech, FinTech, and more.

What are the cost of your services?

Each startup has unique needs, and we tailor our pricing accordingly. We encourage you to book a conversation with us, during which we will conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. This allows us to understand your key requirements and budget, ensuring we can develop a strategy that effectively meets your goals within your financial constraints.

What if I don’t have a product yet?

That’s great! We can help you incubate your idea in the Catalyst Accelerator. If and when you are ready, we can explore the MVP Jumpstart and Fund Max programs.