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Luis Solano

UI/UX Research & Design

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Lily Nazarian

Business Development & Sustainability

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Ryan Morrison


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Nina Perry


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Addison Viener


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Fellowship Program

Our Fellowship Program is a five-week tenure for prospective core team members to design their own experience in a fast-paced, low stake environment working for Maximize. 


Cohort #1

Maximize recruited its Fellowship Cohort #1 in October 2020 to participate in the Customer Discovery Program taught by Brian Hayden and Jason Beale at the Center For Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. Our goal was to identify our customer segment/personas, draft interview protocols, and interview prospective customers.

Cohort #2

Maximize recruited its Fellowship Cohort #2 in January 2021 to participate in the research, development, and execution of the Michigan Entrepreneur Summit (MES). Our goal was to continue customer discovery to understand our paying customers and to market MES.


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What is Maximize?

Maximize is a peer-to-peer platform that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a give-first community and tool-kit that helps them save time and money while creating quality companies of the future.


Our Mission

To elevate the entrepreneurial experience and help individuals and businesses maximize their success.

Our Vision

Unite entrepreneurs worldwide.


“Are you someone looking for someone who appreciates your ideas; understands your language; supports your goals; recognizes your frustrations; celebrates your milestones; and drives your thought process further than you could ever do yourself? Do you want people who are truly in your corner and who truly care about YOU?  I was; and now I have found two people who do just that! Ryan and Addison of Maximize really care. It is so refreshing to talk to these two young men who have a natural ability to engage in a conversation and extract key elements that as if by magic gets to the core of a topic. If you are anything like me, I have dozens of ideas that come in and out of my thought process, but was unable to land on the right one for me. After just a few minutes of meeting with Ryan and Addison, they heard what I was saying and instinctively knew where my passions lie.  And they were right!  I am thrilled to the core to start my mission to “Save the Bees!”  Will you join me? Contact Ryan and Addison at to start or jump-start your journey! They know how to help!” 

—  Victoria McIntyre