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What is Roundtable?

Roundtable is a weekly segment where allies come together to discuss their startups and project-ideas to give and gain support. 

Roundtable is inspired by "Knights of the Round Table" a fellowship of King Arthur. The Knights of the Round Table were dedicated to ensuring peace in Camelot during the 12th century. The round table became a symbol of equality for all members.

Today, Roundtable is a virtual space where allies have the opportunity to present a challenge they are having in their personal or professional life. Many allies today present their business challenges to gain support from fellow entrepreneurs. 

Every Wednesday starting at 5:30 PM EST, each ally on call has 5  minute to present the context of their challenge. From there, allies ask for additional context. Once a picture is painted of the challenge presented, allies brainstorm resources and solutions. This cycle is repeated for everyone on call until everyone has had a chance to give and gain support. 

Our goal in creating Roundtable is to create a supportive space for allies to give and gain support from a group of equals.

Allies celebrate the opportunity to be a part of a community that readily offers a listening ear and a helping hand.

Together, we can make the world a better place for each other. Do you want in?

Become an ally today to get the secret password!

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