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About The Maximize Accelerator Program (MAP)

Starting and growing a business to success is predicated on how fast you can accelerate toward success. 

Do you know the biggest pitfalls startups and small businesses make that destine their businesses for failure?

Answer: 90% of startups fail for one or more of the following:

       1. Poor product-market-fit

       2. The team

       3. Cashflow

Our accelerator program is a unique opportunity to deep dive into the nuts and bolts of your business. 

We offer training on 12 modules that help startups earn concept to cash flow.

Here are our 12 steps:

       1. Problem Definition 

       2. Team Formation

       3. Market Research & Ecosystem Mapping

       4. Customer Discovery & Interview Protocols 

       5. User Personas & Storyboarding 

       6. Business Model Canvas, Business Ideation & Problem Solving

       7. Competitive Analysis & Market Sizing 

       8. Pitch Deck Creation & Pitching 

       9. MVPs & Prototyping

       10. User Testing & Validation 

       11. Business-Plan & Go-To-Market Strategy

       12. Other Special Topics


Our accelerator program is not just for startups. Today, businesses must embrace change in order to compete with new companies and progress.

Does your company have what it takes?

Find out by becoming an ally to earn a free consultation!

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