What is Maximize?

Maximize is a zero-to-one startup mastermind and program that helps first-time founders become full-time founders.


Our Mission

To create 1 million new entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Unite entrepreneurs worldwide.


Meet the Maximize Team

Ryan Morrison
Founder and
Fund Manager
Michael Meadows
Program Director

Maximize Milestones


Fellowship Program

Our Fellowship Program is a five-week tenure for prospective team members to design their own project in a fast-paced, low stake environment working to grow Maximize. 


Cohort #1

Maximize recruited its Fellowship Cohort #1 in October 2020 to participate in the Customer Discovery Program taught by Brian Hayden and Jason Beale at the Center For Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. Our goal was to identify our customer segment/personas, draft interview protocols, and interview prospective customers.

Cohort #2

Maximize recruited its Fellowship Cohort #2 in January 2021 to participate in the research, development, and execution of the Michigan Entrepreneur Summit (MES). Our goal was to continue customer discovery to understand our paying customers and to market MES.


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